Learner's Permit

What can I study for the permit test?

Download the Utah Driver's Handbook. Also, there are many apps and online practice exams. Search for "Utah driving permit test".

Where can I take the permit test to get my learners permit?

During school months:  after school on Mondays in Mr. Gustafson room or During Excel Time

During summer months: at the DLD



When can I start driver education?

You are required by law to have your permit at least six months prior to obtaining a license (even if you are already 16). It would be best to take a class approximately six months prior to reaching age sixteen, but the law allows you to start the class as early as age 15.

When can I take drivers ed?

Ask your guidance counselor, he/she knows the cutoff dates for which semester

More information can be found at Mr.Kelley's web page at :  https://www.wasatch.edu/domain/603


What is your refund policy?

Students who withdraw before the first behind the wheel session are eligible for a refund.

Driver's License

After I have done my behind-the-wheel training and road test, how soon can I get my license?

Once you have completed the behind-the-wheel training and passed your road test, your instructor will log your completion to the DLD. You must then schedule an appointment with the DLD to get your license.  

What will I have to complete before I can get my license?
  • You must obtain a learner's permit from the Driver License Division. This is accomplished by passing the written test.
  • You must take and pass driver education. Attendance of 27 hours must be completed before you are eligible to obtain a license.
  • Complete all instructional drives, including Street Smarts: (Scheduled with Green Canyon instructors)
  • Complete a driving range session
  • Pass a road test
  • Be 16 yrs of age
Where do I go to take the "Online Safety and Trends Exam"?

You need to go to the following website   https://secure.utah.gov/dlexams/ 

There you will create an account and take the Safety Trends Exam 


What should students know how to do before they start behind-the-wheel lessons?
  • Backing
  • Parallel Parking
  • Hill Parking (up/down)
  • U-Turn
  • 3-Point Turn
  • Left Turns
  • Right Turns
  • Braking
  • Lane Changes
  • Intersections (lights/signs)
  • On/Off Ramps
  • School Zones
  • Construction Zones
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Following Distance
  • Posture
Will other students be in the car with me?

Yes, other students will be in the car during your scheduled drive time for obersvation. There could be 2-3 students in the car.

What will I learn during my behind-the-wheel lessons?

During behind-the-wheel lessons, students learn how to operate a vehicle. They learn maneuvers used to change direction, park, change lanes, speed limits for residential and business areas, right of way rules for different types of intersections, merging, stopping and starting, line of sight, the habit of signaling, checking mirrors and blind spots before changing position on the road, what bad habits not to do, and much more.

Will I have the same instructor for every lesson?

Yes, you will have the same driving instructor for each drive.  

Do I need a learner's permit to schedule behind-the-wheel lessons?

Yes, you need a permit before you can register for driver education classes and behind-the-wheel lessons. Learn more.

Do I have to finish driving/road test before the end of the class/semester?

No.  Students have until the end of the summer after they have graduated to complete the driving/road test.